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Our Journey

~Comprehensive prenatal preparation (2+ visits)
~Collaborative birth planning
~Add-on childbirth education
~On-call starts at Week 38
~Continuous hands-on labor support through 2-3 hours postpartum (first feeding)
~ Postpartum visit and referrals for follow-up care
~ A copy of your personalized birth story

Pregnancy Dress

How My Services Work

As your doula, my basic package includes two prenatal visits, each lasting 2 to 2 1/2 hours.  We work together to create and refine your birth plan, and I help you understand the medical interventions that may be offered during labor.  If this is your first pregnancy and you haven't taken a childbirth education class, I can add an extra visit to help fill in any knowledge gaps about pregnancy, labor, and the first hours postpartum.  You will become familiar with the positions and comfort techniques that help during labor, and I will learn more about how I can best support you.  

I am on call for you starting at week 38.  This means that when you go into labor, I will arrive within two hours of your call.  I provide continuous labor support, which research has shown improves favorable birth outcomes.  I use various hands-on techniques to help you manage pain and to help labor progress more quickly and smoothly.  If you choose an epidural or have a Cesarean delivery, I make sure the setting still feels like a sacred space to you and that you have an advocate in your corner.  

Once your baby is born, I stay for 2-3 hours postpartum to ensure skin-to-skin contact and that breastfeeding, if desired, is going well. I also offer a follow-up postpartum visit several days later, during which I help debrief your birth experience and address any concerns you're having.  I give you referrals to other professionals and write up your personalized birth story. 

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