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Pregnant Belly

Rhythm and Surrender

OC + LA birth doula

Jennifer Homer - Doula

About Me

Hi!  I'm Jennifer, and I'm a DONA-trained birth doula. Before becoming a doula, my background was in the social sciences.  I earned my Master of Social Work (MSW) in 2013 and taught college courses in psychology and sociology for seven years.  I am also an EMT, which helps me navigate medical settings and know the right questions to ask.


During the pandemic, I went through a great deal of change and transformation.  I came to realize that the most difficult and painful journeys - like labor! - can also be the most worthwhile.  Since then, I have resolved to do things that bring me joy as often as I can.  

Woman in Wooden Bath

About You

Some experiences change us forever.  They are rites of passage, moments in which our desire for control gives way to something bigger.  In all likelihood, your labor will be one of those experiences.  No matter how "prepared" you are, you will reach a point where you suspend the rational mind and simply trust in your body's wisdom.  Just as your ancestors have for thousands of generations, you will find a rhythm that is your own.  You will be more courageous than you could have imagined.  It will be messy, magical, painful, and perfect.  

About Doulas

We provide emotional and hands-on support before, during, and after labor.  We get to know you in the months leading up to your due date and help you make a birth plan.  We are with you throughout your entire labor.  We are there to advocate for you and remind you of your power to self-advocate.  We hold your hand, squeeze your hips, and wipe your tears.  We nurture you after your birth, ensuring you have the resources you need. 

"If a doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it" - John Kennell, pediatrician, researcher, and founder of DONA International

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